Riveting...” -Jill Lepore, The New Yorker

“Perhaps the best book ever on how Democrats lost the white working class. The Hardhat Riot is a great read, but also a must-read to understand the voters that Democrats neglected at their own peril.”—James Carville,former Chief Strategist for President Bill Clinton


Hardhat Riot captures a seminal but long-neglected turning point in the steady erosion of Democratic support among the core of the New Deal Coalition.... crucial for anyone seeking to understand the politics of 2020 and beyond.” —Thomas B. Edsall,The New York Times

“This is red-meat history with a hot splash of tabasco. David Paul Kuhn brings to life a period that is not only fascinating in itself but also illuminates the age of Donald Trump ... a truly captivating read.” —ROBERT GUEST,
The Economist

A gripping history of a moment when two visions of America clashed...” —Beverly Gage,
Professor of History and American Studies, Yale University

“Kuhn makes use of masterful, disturbing imagery to capture the clash... his narration is candid... the perspectives of both sides are shared without favoritism... fascinating.” —Foreword Reviews

“I picked up David Paul Kuhn’s The Hardhat Riot with the intention of skimming and found myself engrossed, reading every page. Well-written, painstakingly researched, this is an important book that gives life to history and explains the divorce between working-class whites and the Democratic Party, and yet rarer still, is also a real pleasure to read.” —Charlie Cook,
The Cook Political Report

Hardhat Riot is an arresting and often chilling narrative of the events that drove a wedge between white working-class voters and the Democratic Party, setting America on the road to today’s right-wing populism. I couldn’t stop reading it.” —Willliam Galston,
former policy advisor to President Clinton & Brookings Institution Senior Fellow